Schedule, Calendar and Registration for New students 1/2018

15 May -  31 Jul 2019

- Fill in Student Record and Upload Document Online
(Login for Student Record)

16 May -  31 Jul 2019

- Signup for Internet Account (Create Username & Password for Registration)
(Internet Account System)

31 May 2019 Examination room announcement for Proficiency Test
(Mathematics Proficiency Test, Physics Proficiency Test,
Chemistry Proficiency Test, Attitude Test and English Proficiency Test)

2 Jun 2019
Proficiency Test
- Mathematics Proficiency Test
- Physics Proficiency Test
- Chemistry Proficiency Test
- English Proficiency Test

Prepare for the test
- 2B Pencil (Attitude Test)
- Note the application number to enter the examination room.
- Get dress school uniform / student uniform Into the examination room
3 - 4 Jul 2019 Health Checkup for New Students     
Remark: Students must bring their Citizen ID Card to show to authorized personnel.

17 Jun - 5 Jul 2019 Classes for fundamental Physics, fundamental Chemistry 
and fundamental Mathematics.
18 - 31 July 2019 Classes for fundamental English

24 - 26 July 2019
Self online registration via internet "New Acis". 
(For students who complete the documents upload only 
and signup for Internet Acoount completed)
(Log in to register online)
31 July 2019 Last day for registration payment.
(All the registration would be cancled if you fail to pay on time.)
13 Aug 2019 Classes begin 1/2019
13 - 26 Aug 2019 Days to add and change sessions, processing via internet "New Acis"
(Log in to register online)
Only for students who completed the registration
Note :
1. New Student Student ID Check Schedule and activities
    1.1 Registra's office website. http://regis.kmutt.ac.th/en/new_students/n_student.php
    1.2   The HUB KMUTT Mobile Application
             iOS download at  App Store  ,  Android download at Play Store
    1.3    http://regisapp.kmutt.ac.th/
2. Signup for Internet Account Can apply in 2 days after the Student record is complete.

      The schedule may change as appropriate.
Updated information of Mar 5, 2019.