Q : What is The Hub's working hours in Covid-19 situation ?

  Q : What should the students need to do in case they want to contact the Registrar's office during this time (22 March - 12 April 2020) ? 

  • As usual, we still contact you through facebook and email. You just send your message and the staff will get back to you 

  Q : How to do the graduation request ?

  Q : In case of student card lost (student also use this KMUTT student card as your debit card) ?

  • In this period only (22 March-12 April 2020) to shorten the step and contact The Hub's staff.
    Student can contact the Bangkok Bank (KMUTT Bangmod branch only)
    after the staff check your requirements (ID card/Passport and account book (if any)) you can get the new one in that day

  Q : When's the last day for student to withdraw any courses in this semester (2nd semester/2019) ?

  • we would like to announce the latest information about the withdraw
    any course in NEW ACIS will be changed from "20 April 2020" to "4 May 2020"
    Student can do this step by yourself in NEW ACIS by click "online request" >>>click request for registration >>Withdraw

  Q : Can student follow some information in Academic Calendar 2019 ?

  Q : What should students do if they cannot use KMUTT email or forgot my password ?

  • For further information please contact the computer center
    Facebook : Computer Center KMUTT
    E-mail : ccsupport@kmutt.ac.th

  Q : In this period how should students do if they want to request official academic paper from KMUTT ?

  • Right now, we would like student to check the validity of your official academic paper, in case
    your document still valid please submit that one instead, Actually, students can prepare
    the official transcript by do the following step
    For the certificate of student status, you can collect it in pdf file after you send request
    (please contact us through Line: @regiskmutt )
  • Link : http://regis.kmutt.ac.th/Blockchain/Blockchain_KMUTT_-02_0.jpg

Contact Staff for more information

 Line : @regiskmutt
E-Mail : regist@kmutt.ac.th