2. Presentation Feedback Form (International Student, KMUTT Registrar’s Office, RO)

3. New Student of SIT (School of Information Tecnology) Please contact at WebSite of Faculty !! http://www4.sit.kmutt.ac.th/   

Schedule and Activity For New Student

!! Please check and follow. !! 

1. KMUTT Registration Guidance for New Student


2. Photo requirement (KMUTT student)

Download Template (KMUTT Uniform Replacement files for New Student Registration, 2nd Semester Academic Year 2023)

3. Recording Student Personal Information System (New ACIS)

Login Username : Student ID
Password : Passport number

4. Internet Account System (Create Username & Password for Registration)
Create Email Account Manual

5. Registration System (New ACIS)
Login Username : Student ID
Password : Receive from Sign up Internet Account (Not use passport number)

6. Forgot Password  : Click

1. For New Student only !!!!
      Students wait for anouncement from Registrar’s Office

2.  Current Student
       Students can contact at the Bangkok bank (KMUTT Bangmod branch only) on Monday-Friday 8.30 am – 4.00 pm

Please prepare your passport and Bangkok bank’s passbook.